Health & Safety

The safety and good health of everyone who works for or with Duffy Group is central to all that we do. Every decision made throughout the business has health and safety at its heart.

Safety and Occupational Health is more than mere procedures and rules and extends into the way we approach all projects, tasks and operations.

Training all our staff and supporting this with ongoing competency assessments and refreshers is an essential element of our way of working. All staff and operatives are given ongoing development in both practical skills and awareness to promote safe working practices and safer sites.

We are partnered with an Occupational Health provider that carries out regular hearing/visual/musculo-skeletal/skin/lifestyle assessments. This is carried out when a person starts and regularly through their employment.

We strive to continually improve and deepen our safety culture within the business to drive health and safety as our first principle. The bottom line is we want to ensure all those who work for us, with us or near us go home each night safe and well.