Duffy Contract Services Ltd is the personnel hire, logistics, and small works division within the Duffy Group. Many of our valued people today have been with us over the 40 years that we have operated in the UK. They have helped us to gain our reputation as a UK construction leader.


Duffy Contract Servies are happy to discuss project requirements from the tender stage and set up the required service from the first day on site to project completion. Our managers are experienced construction professionals who are able to advise and offer a flexible, reliable and cost-effective workforce.

Unlike many others, Duffy Contract Services directly employs all of our personnel. Your project will be supported by valued site operatives and overseen by trained supervisors and experienced managers who are all part of our company. We are not an agency.


Duffy Contract Services have developed a proven method of managing all of the elements in a logistics package. The combination of a dedicated Site Logistics Manager and a web-based delivery management system has proven to deliver a streamlined and highly effective logistics package. With our experience, knowledge and proven systems, Duffy Contract Services can run whole operations with as much or as little reporting to the Principal Contractor as required.



Each site is managed by both a Site Logistics Manager and by a cloud-based software platform. The software facilitates delivery management, traffic management, reporting, resource management and clean up notes. All of our logistics managers, traffic marshals, waste, welfare and general operatives are well versed in this system.

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Working Safely

Duffy Contract Services invests heavily in achieving incident and injury free projects and will never compromise our commitment to safety. We have an exemplary health & safety record, which we attribute in the main to our continual monitoring of new legislation and training from our Group Safety Department. Current guidelines detail various categories of skill cards, which once obtained recognise the operatives’ ability to carry out their tasks and ensure a safer workplace for all. Duffy Contract Services support these initiatives by investing time and money in training our operatives to these recognised standards.

Labour Database

Our excellent reputation throughout the industry over forty years means the we have the ability to provide any client requirements across all building trades.